The key-goal of the Meeting is to strengthen interaction and cooperation between specialized know-how (universities, research centers, independent experts) and policy makers (public and private bodies) to support science-based, knowledge-based and evidence-based policies and interventions.
Within the framework of the Kazan Action Plan, adopted by MINEPS VI in Kazan (Russian Federation) July 2017;

On the background of the revised UNESCO International Charter of Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport, adopted at MINEPS V in 2013, the Meeting has the following expected outcomes: 

A comprehensive overview of approaches, models, methodologies and tools for impact measurement in the eld of Social Inclusion through Sport, aligned with the specific policy areas of the MINEPS VI Follow-up Framework;

A selection of practices and cases functional to supporting multi-stakeholder partnerships; 

An international informal and permanent contact group in the framework of a global forum ( dedicated to promoting interventions in the field of social inclusion and development through sport, by means of public-private partnerships, impact measurement methodologies and capacity building (employability and entrepreneurship).

All continents will be represented in the informal working group. Careful consideration of the regional distribution has been made to avoid a euro-centric perspective.

Members include selected experts, together with representatives from the main international organizations, sport entities and public and private bodies active in the eld of sport for social inclusion.

The contact group will seek to facilitate fruitful synergies between existing know-how and the design and implementation of effective policies; making the case for investments into sport and implementing the Kazan Action Plan.